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Hello, everyone.

Welcome to Po Tsai to share.

I’m Po Tsai.

Here I guess

the people who watched today’s video were either the ones who

were tired of tossing with their own nodes in the last month

to find a stable node.

A group of hardcore fans of Tsai came

to support Tsai’s.

In fact,

with the continuous increase of Q in the last month,

many VPS IPs and ports 443 have been constantly being used in the B

telegram group. It is also every day when someone sends messages saying

their own IP or Port 443 is Q.

In fact,

the cost of a decent VPS is not too low. 免费上外网工具

If IP is often handled,

ordinary people still can’t stand

it, so I recommend that you

try to avoid using your own ladders

and use them during sensitive times. The node of the chicken farm is a transition

. After being walled,

it will be changed to a new node.

Since it is talking about the chicken farm,

I have entered a topic of our today.

Actually, as the up host of a science Internet channel, I go

online every day.

In fact, the demand is not much different from everyone.

That is to look at YouTube,

look at GitHub

and occasionally look at Netflix. The

only difference from everyone is that we

often need to upload videos on YouTube,

so the purpose of choosing JC is not too different. For



can open 8k videos in seconds in various time periods

. When watching Netflix, you can unlock more regional videos

. When uploading videos, you don’t have to

wait too long. Friends will find that

the nodes in the shared venues

will often appear in some of the soft routing nodes in my (demo) video


Today, we will not say much about the tutorial on the use of nodes.

Believe the friends who watch my channel. We are

already familiar with the road.

Today, we mainly look at the fineness of this venue.

Of course, we also want to thank the chicken owner

for providing us with prizes worth 3,000 yuan

to sponsor our

video friends. We must remember the first two steps below


Click on the thumbs up below our video

to like this video. The

second is to leave a message in the comment area with

more than 10 words

to participate in the lottery.

Please be sure, be sure, be sure not to swipe the screen


Enter the address of this factory in the browser,,

then this place is called “Mu Niu Yun”

because I am already using a place,

so I will use my account to demonstrate for everyone.

The remaining time of my current membership is 234 days

and then let’s first take a look at the package store

here. There are trial packages.

Bronze packages and silver packages. The

only thing they don’t have is the free package. The

chicken owner is afraid that too many free users will

cause huge waste of resources and

are also for charging users. The experience is better. There are some pricing related to

the bronze package and silver package


I think it is not much different from other airports.

There is no big difference.

We open the node list.

In the node list,

we can see

that some of the bronze nodes and silver nodes cover

Europe, Asia, America, etc.

Some of the nodes we often use

also include

About Us

Here we don’t need to do more about the tutorial on the use of the airport

. There are some very detailed

tutorials on the installation and use in the user center.

Today, we will mainly test the problem that

everyone is most concerned about,

which is the speed of the airport.

Today, we use SSRSPEED, a speed test software,

to test for everyone.

We still use our virtual machine

to perform today’s speed test for everyone.

Of course, we use the virtual machine to test the speed


which is not fair to this venue.

First of all, we will use it without a windows system.

Let’s copy the SSR subscription address of the site and subscribe to the virtual windows. Let

’s take a look at the current time before the speed test. Now it

’s 21:27 Beijing time. It’s

also a peak time period for our entire Internet connection.

Of course this The venue is still being used by other people,

so we chose this time period for speed measurement

to make the result more realistic.

After half an hour of waiting,

our speed measurement has been completed.

Our speed measurement results are saved


Let’s copy this picture.

Let’s open the picture and take a look. We

just saw that we are now close to 10:00 in the evening. During the

high and high peak period of the Internet,

I think that the place can run out of such a full red. The results are

basically red. It’s pretty good.

I think

the speed will be a little bit faster when you change to the free time.

Of course, today is to test

a real level of this field.

We chose to test during the peak period


Of course, this field now has these nodes.

Others are using it.

Let’s open Qv2ray

and import these nodes into our Qv2ray to

see how the speed of YouTube

is. There are 58 nodes in total,

so let’s just choose 1

Taiwan special line A.

Let’s take a look and

change it. Video,

Taiwan A. Here

we get the time out.

It’s Beijing time or 22:00.

Our speed is about 6W.

This is Taiwan.

Let’s change to Singapore and take a look.

Let’s change to Japan and take a look at

Japan anyway. 4K and 8K are both in seconds. The

speed is not too low.

Here is a look of 7W-8W.

Let’s take a look at the United States and the United

States. The speed seems to be a bit lower in comparison.

About 5W,

let’s take a look at some of our most anticipated

South Korea and Hong Kong. Let’s take a look at some of the nodes

here, which are basically 8K, and 4K

can be switched

at will. The speed is also very fast.

Hong Kong


Overall, the airport’s fineness is also good

because I do You here. Tube

often still upload videos,

so let’s test the

upload speed.

Let’s click upload video and

click select file.

Then we will choose

a source file of our 120th issue.

I forgot to see that

this file is almost 3GB or so.

Take a look at

the upload speed here.

You can see that the speed here is 1.8 MB.

We change to Hong Kong C.


is a tutorial where my last video is close to 3G. The

upload time is total. It took about 17 minutes.

I think this time

is a time I can accept.

Now let’s take a look at a problem that everyone is more concerned about.

Netflix unlocking the area.

According to the boss,

this is Malaysia unlocking Malaysia

Hong Kong unlocking Hong Kong

Japan unlocking Japan For some Netflix,

let’s just click on a Hong Kong to try.

Here we are connected to a special line in Hong Kong.

So now it’s on the Hong Kong rankings.

Because of some copyright issues,

we turned off the sound. Netflix

can play normally.

This is all without any problems.

Overall, the cost-effectiveness of the factory is still okay. It is

also one of the main JC I use.

Of course, many people don’t care too much about the price. They

just ask for stability in this place and don’t run away,

believing that this place can meet your

other needs. There is nothing to say

here. I can only guarantee that you

will not use the money

to float the water.

Okay, the above is the entire content of this video.

Welcome everyone to

participate in this book according to an operation of the lottery step in our video. Please

don’t swipe, don’t swipe, don’t swipe again,

thank you for your support and understanding.

I’m Bozai. See

you in the next video.

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